About the Central New York Coalition for Healthy Indoor Air

Who Are We?

The Central New York (CNY) Coalition for Healthy Indoor Air was established in 1997. It is made up of organizations in both the public and private sector with a common goal: a healthy indoor environment for all individuals and families living in Central New York. A driving force behind the establishment of the coalition was the belief that the expertise and resources of the group's members could be used most effectively by working together.

Why Now?

As our homes have become more energy efficient, we have seen an unwanted consequence of our efforts to use less energy and promote cleaner air; as the air outside has gotten cleaner the air inside our homes and offices has declined in quality. Compared to 30 years ago, we are now seeing higher levels of pollutants inside our homes than ever before. Click here to view a graph of Indoor Level Air vs. Outdoor Level Air on Pesticide Concentrations.

How Can We Help?

To assist communities in their efforts to provide healthy indoor air for everyone, the coalition will: